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Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Corporate Transparency Act

BOI Reporting is a mandatory new filing for the majority of US based businesses. This groundbreaking legislation mandates all businesses, with limited exceptions, to report their beneficial owners to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The primary objective is to combat financial crimes by fostering transparency in corporate ownership structures. By embracing this obligation, businesses contribute to a more secure and accountable business environment. Stay informed, stay compliant, and join the movement toward a transparent and responsible corporate landscape.

File Today


Let Tax Prep America Handle Your BOI Reporting

Government filings are complex. Government websites are confusing. The penalties for non compliance are high.

Simple Filing

We have created a simple filing portal for your BOI reporting. Our user friendly filing portal eliminates guesswork and the risk of penalties. 

Professional Review

Our team of experts will review your filing before submitting to FinCEN. 

Our Guarantee

When you use Tax Prep America we back our work with a late fee and penalty free guarantee. If your filing results in any type of penalty or late fee, we will pay the fee and reimburse your filing fee.


Unlike a normal CPA or Lawyer, who bill hourly, we charge a flat rate of $78 for your BOI reporting. $78 will porbably get you about 10 minutes with a CPA or Lawyer.

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